Migration Likely To Factor Heavily In Turkey’s Next Elections


Refugees in Turkey and Turkish emigrants themselves are likely to affect the country’s next elections. While migration is not a new issue for Turkey, the level to which it has recently been politicized is. As Syrians and Afghans finding refuge in Turkey will be the subject of election campaigns, the votes of Turkish citizens living abroad shouldn’t be overlooked.

Significant and unexpected shifts to migration patterns are nothing new for Turkey. Examples include the 1923 population swap with Greece, the mass emigration of Turkish labor to Europe in the 1960s and 70s, the continual movement of Turk-Muslim populations to the Turkish Republic from the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans, the opening of doors to Turks from Bulgaria in the 1980s, and the sheltering of Iraqi Kurds fleeing the Saddam Hussein regime in the early 1990s. All of these shifts and movements have come to shape Turkey’s culture, economy, politics, and even demography; however, throughout the course of modern Turkish history, migration has never been politicized to the extent that it is today.

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