Our Values

TUİÇ Akademi Birleşmiş Milletler Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları’na 2015 yılından beri taraftır ve bu amaçların gerçekleştirilmesine katkı vermeyi çalışmalarının motivasyonlarından birisi olarak görmektedir.


Civil Initiative

“Civil initiative” is one of the central dynamics of TUIC as being a fundamental data in the stage of formation of Non-Governmental Organizations, whose importance keeps increasing each passing day with globalization. With “Civil Initiative”, TUIC endeavors to take an active role in our country and global affairs, particularly regional affairs, concerning our country Democratic Change/Transformation

The notion that sees the individual and differences as the highest value in the world is the notion of democracy. As TUIC, we adopt an understanding that will develop and spread the culture of democracy and hold the view that the culture of democracy must reach the farthest corner in the world of the 21st century.

Anatolian Movement

Considering the fact that the “Anatolian” geography has fallen behind in terms of opening up to the civilized world and internalizing democratic values despite the labor burden it has carried so far, we advocate the idea of applying positive discrimination to Anadolu Universities to reach the level of our large and well-established universities located in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, etc. While defending this idea, we believe that large and well-established universities that will create the driving force in realizing positive discrimination will be of great importance in our structuring.


While we think that the most important common feature of the individuals who will be active in TUIC’s structuring will be “volunteering”, we believe that the works to be carried out with the principle of “volunteering” will benefit a much higher level. In today’s world, where the importance of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations is rapidly increasing,

the idea that a livable world will be created with “voluntary” entrepreneurship is a fundamental dynamic of TUIC structuring; based on the fact that the institution of state cannot bear every burden.

Public Diplomacy and Civil Diplomacy

As TUIC, we believe that establishing a constructive dialogue between societies and especially young people will open the door to peace in problematic areas of the world, and the interaction that will be carried out around the concepts of civil diplomacy and public diplomacy, rather than official theses and interlocutors, will be much more permanent and long-lasting.

In this context, TUIC attaches great importance to the concepts of Public Diplomacy and Civil Diplomacy and aims to work on these issues in the long term.

In 2012, TUIC ACADEMY was established to contribute to youth’s academic work at the university, participate in present and future politics concerning Turkey’s problems and agenda within a cultural, economic, and political framework involving young people in the policy-making process. TUIC, which acts with the principle of youth and student-centered lifelong learning, launched its first internship program in 2013 in order to familiarize young people with the practical process they need in professional life.

In 2016, it carried the internship program online with an innovative perspective and aimed to make the internship accessible to everyone everywhere.

In 2013, it published “Working on International Relations in Turkey” as a guide book, for International Relations students in particular. In 2014, it organized seminars in 9 universities to support the participation of young people in democracy and opened university representatives in the same year. Since its establishment, It carried out various activities in offices (pre-pandemic) and aimed to learn by having fun with summer camps to create a community bond to young people, instilling an awareness of volunteering and lifelong learning.

In 2017, in the period in which Wikipedia is banned in Turkey, TUIC founded UliWiki, the first International Relations dictionary.

During the field trips that have been carried out regularly since 2012, various ministries, headquarters of political parties, various NGOs and UN representatives, and the Turkish Grand National Assembly were visited by the youth. Another activity organized by TUIC is Winter Camps. A specific topic is selected in each camp, and various policy-making workshops are held where experts and young people meet.

With the principle of lifelong learning, we aim to support young people to have a say in local, national, and international contexts and contribute to their personal development by mentoring in the areas they aim to develop with non-formal education methods. In this context, we have been continuing online internship programs on ‘Human Rights, Immigration, Feminism, Civil Society’ provided by experts in their fields, including Ph.D. students, since 2016. Internship programs are carried out with international students to evaluate the situation with different perspectives, find common solutions to local and international problems, and gain a cultural gain. Also, weekly socialization activities are held within the framework of cultural dialogue.

Apart from all these, since TUIC is a youth-centered organization, all activities are aimed at the progress of young people by volunteering, solidarity, learning, and developing together.